Before Covid-19, the business was all in person but like everyone else we had to adapt and change. We’re doing video calls to help assess and give people advice on injuries and are doing group mat classes with private 121 Pilates sessions also availabe. For special and/or specific population this is such a convenient service and so we would like to continue with it post lockdown.


Private 121 Pilates sessions


Who is it for?

This service is for everyone BUT we especially find it very helpful for;

• Elderly
• Pre-Natal
• Early Post Natal
• Anyone with mobility issues
• No mode of transport
• Post operative individuals

Benefits of Online Services;

• Energy of a class in the comfort of your own house
• If you’re restricted for time – no travelling
• Don’t have to worry about parking



Group Mat Pilates classes are also available. Classes are designed to improve posture, help build strength and resilience through a tailored class for those at home. It also helps us to connect with others from all over. Click here to book a class. Private Group bookings are also welcome.


If you would like to read what others have to say about our online support, check out our Testimonials, or can contact us to find out more.


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Pilates and injury therapy/massage



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