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I started attending Laura’s pilates classes 2 years ago with the aim of strengthening my legs (especially knees) for long distance hiking. I also wanted to maintain and improve my flexibility. I found classes with Laura and her fellow instructors very enjoyable. It wasn’t long before I was attending twice a week. I personally prefer the reformer machine as it makes me push myself more. My knees don’t bother me anymore and my flexibility has improved.

Laura and her team set up a WhatsApp group in order to keep us fit during lockdown of Covid-19. They sent daily exercises and set 30 day challanges! Delighted that the class banter has continued onto WhatsApp too. Laura also has a more structured weekly mat class which can be enjoyed on Zoom or You Tube. This class is for all levels of fitness, as Laura gives alternative movements throughout the video to cater for the different abilities.
Thanks to Laura and her great team for keeping us motivated to stay fit during lockdown.

Susanne Ward


I have attended Laura’s Pilates since I was 16 weeks pregnant, in my second trimester. I am now 22 weeks post partum and I am feeling stronger every week. It has really helped with my core in pregnancy, to support the extra weight and now to strengthen and tone everything back up.

Having a personal one on one for me with Laura has been invaluable on the whole journey, as different weeks different niggles or shifts in my body would happen, Laura could personalise our session to work on that. I could really feel the effects, I surfed up until 7 months pregnant, and was back in the water after 6 weeks, I could really feel the strength in my core from the classes. I will keep attending Pilates with Laura now, to help with my posture through breast-feeding and having a young child. It’s my weekly hour to myself, and I wouldn’t spend it doing anything else! Thank you.


Sally Smith

Moy Hill

I’m doing Pilates with Laura for 3 years, they have been the best 3 years of well-being. Absolutely love it! I love the progression of the class, the core workouts are built into every exercise. You will bill the burn , get more flexibility, feel better!
Laura gives everyone such a special attention. Cannot wait for my next class!!!
Charo Egan

Egans Bar, Liscannor

I am forever grateful to Charo for introducing me to Laura’s Pilates Studio. Laura’s Pilates Studio is a Hidden Gem on The Wild Atlantic Way close to the beautiful village of Liscannor.

I have been having two Pilates sessions each week with Laura for the past three years and I thoroughly enjoy each and everyone of them. Laura is a dedicated and experienced teacher, she is enthusiastic about the exercises and techniques and she always focuses on ensuring that your posture and breathing are correct.

She has helped me progressively develop and improve my core strength, fitness and balance to a remarkable extent. Now I have great flexibility, my posture is perfect and my spine has definitely lengthened. It is the best exercise I have ever undertaken. The results are amazing.

I thoroughly enjoy each workout and I look forward to my sessions with Laura. Her vast knowledge, sensitive manner and constant encouragement are the perfect combination for the best results. She focuses on each client by tailoring the session to suit their needs

Pilates has been life changing for me. I highly recommend Laura, she is a wonderful teacher.


I’m attending Laura for both floor and reformer Pilates for about 2 years, I started to help improve my flexibility for golf and to help with hip and back issues, the classes have helped greatly, I really enjoy them as Laura is a superb instructor, classes are always varied, the time flies and she is also a lovely person, couldn’t recommend her enough.
Angela Cullinan

I have been going to Laura twice a week for 3 years. She is highly profession, completely knowledgeable and extremely good at what she does. Not only have I noticed profound differences in my body, I have also completely reversed the pain I had been experiencing in my lower back. In addition to this, Laura has somehow managed to deliver a different workout and class every single time I go. Thank you Laura.
Michelle Moroney

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