“Not only is health normal condition, but it is our duty to not to attain it but to maintain it.”, Joseph Pilates. Exercise is so important throughout our life to keep mobile and strong. It is even more important to continue exercise as we age. At Laura’s Pilates & Injury Therapy we use our background knowledge in Injury assessment and our experience to tailor make a exercise class to suit.

Benefits of Exercise for over 65’s;
• Improves Strength & independence
• Prevents Disease
• Improves Balance & Coordination
• Boosts confidence and mood
• Helps maintains weight or lose weight
• Improves sleep
• Social
• Better Bone density

What we aim to do
• educate our clients
• help prevent falls
• ensure we have a welcoming environment
• make it adaptable to do at home

What you need to know
• Duration; 45 mins
• Pricing; Pay as you go option or Block Book
• Mat; We supply the mat for the session
• What do I wear; Comfortable clothing, layers best & clean socks please
• Equipment; Optional to help increase intensity & variety
• What equipment; Body weight, Resistance band, water bottles, chairs
• Location; Premises in Lahinch or comfort of your home
• Payment; Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Online

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